Our Special Services to HK – Hyderabad Karnataka Region of India

Our Special Services to HK – Hyderabad Karnataka Region of India

The Hyderabad Karnataka region, that is, the Northern Karnataka region comprises of Kalaburgi (Gulbarga), Bidar, Raichur, Yadgiri, Koppal & Bellary. This region is the second largest arid region in India. It has shown a high degree of under development compared to South Karnataka.

A broader picture of Karnataka state has shown that there are higher levels of poverty & unemployment problem in the Northern region of Hyderabad Karnataka. The industrial development is also very less in the region, inspite of having very good number of educational institutions. Also highest concentration of the seasonal unemployment is also seen in this region. Educational institutions face challenges of attracting quality students for professional courses. Students opt to study either in Hubli or Belagavi or Bengaluru or Tumkur in Karnataka and Pune or Mumbai in Maharashtra and Hyderabad in Telangana.

Our survey & interviews with key educationists in Kalaburgi have indicated the following reasons for such a state.

  •    Skill Development is less. Industry ready students churned out by institutes face serious difficulties after getting job. There is a lack of simple skills like communication and ability to manage or adapt to changing market demands. There is also less exposure to new technologies, competitive environment and multi-functional skills.
  •    Not many institutes have AD – ON or Special Skill Development Courses for the students.
  •    Region is away from the job – hub, like Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. This makes industries look for candidates closer to these areas.
  •    Faculty Development – Intellectually, they are fine, but have less exposure to industrial environment hence having difficulty in making their students – real industry ready.

The higher & professional education presently in the Hyderabad Karnataka region requires good amount of support to raise its bar.

For the benefit of this region, we have the following programs.

Add On Courses

  •    Six Sigma
  •    Lean Management / Manufacturing
  •    Supply Chain Excellence
  •    Project Management
  •    Data / Business Analytics
  •    Digital Marketing Management

Personal Development Programs

  •    Personal & Professional Growth
  •    Verbal & Non Verbal Communication
  •    Grooming & Self Image
  •    The Art of Fine Dining
  •    Global Etiquettes
  •    Inner & Outer Glow

A Final Finished – Student Program

  •    Aptitude Tests
  •    Personality Blends
  •    Group Discussions
  •    Jam Sessions
  •    Resume & Curriculum Vitae
  •    Interview Skills
  •    Time Management
  •    Team & Leadership Skills

Entrepreneurship Skills

  •    Technical Skills
  •    Business Management Skills
  •    Entrepreneurial Skills

Industry Awareness

These will be on the diverse industries operating on national & international levels, encompass teachings on the challenges faced by companies & how great leaders overcome them

The above programs are in the form of five buckets we classify. We customize them & deliver it through our industry expert professionals, leaders & trainers having huge national & international exposure.

For more details on the above, write to us on connect@actsol.in or call us on +919483511055