This is a methodology of improving the operational productivity in the first place. It helps work through, understand, and reduce the waste in the organization. Reducing this waste is what saves the company money! And, the results are immediate! Processes become streamlined, people are less stressed, and customers are happier. We help Organizations implement the same successfully.

1st S-Sort

It is generally considered as a housekeeping methodology, however this is misleading 5S goes beyond it.

2nd S-Set In Order

It is not just keeping the workplace organized. It is about instilling the discipline in the work area to keep only what is needed there, and having a home for everything. It is about understanding visual queues – to see at a glance when things are going well, and when they are not, without the discipline of 5S, productivity improvement simply does not happen.

3rd S-Shine

We develop robust systems during the application of these principles & see that they are easily implemented to suit the specific client needs, because this requires overcoming of the resistance to change, right from the top management to the operational workforce.

4th S-Standardize

We help / guide / handhold clients to implement the same successfully through judicious application of this “change – initiative”.

5th S-Sustain (Make it a Habit)

This will help build a culture of continuous improvement in the company and a sense of ownership among the process owners, paving way for a better workplace, as a first step towards productivity improvement.

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