Business Transformation through Process Excellence

Business Transformation Through Process Excellence

When your company requires you to revive or increase the productivity & profitability, it is important to change the method of doing business in order to help cope with a shift in market environment.

It is important to follow a structured, yet flexible process in order to ensure that the contingent scenarios are taken care of.

We help companies in transforming the business by taking up process improvement projects. In the project we ensure that no surprises are encountered, by taking care & addressing the contingent scenarios suitably.

A structured method is followed.

Assessment of Change Readiness

Assessment of Change Readiness through intelligent interactions on the current processes with the key impacted areas, which could be:

  •    The Leadership
  •    The Resources
  •    The Culture
  •    The Strategic Direction
  •    The External Drivers

Create a Communication Plan

Create a Communication Plan, which will include the following:

  •    The purpose
  •    The approach
  •    The goals
  •    The roles of stakeholders
  •    The communication tools and methods and
  •    The high level project communication messages.

Document All The Business Processes

Document all the business processes – in a standard template (refer page of SOP)

Develop Metrics For The Processes

Develop metrics for the processes to know how you are doing & what you must do to improve a particular process.

Implement Improved Versions

Implement the improved versions of the process & analyze the impact of improvement.

In the above process we support in developing & implementing the plans. Our expert consultants & change practitioners will guide the stakeholders in leading the change initiative.

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