Content Development

Content Development

We develop content for companies for their in-house training requirements. Training materials are an integral part of any session or program involving not only knowledge acquisition but also its retention for a longer time.

We follow the approach of developing the materials by starting with the examination of training plan and the resources available.

Depending on the learning objectives and length of the training program, we also develop customized workbooks, manuals, lessons and stunning audio visual aids.
Types of content:

  •    PPT with powerful & rich and visually attractive content
  •    PPT with Audio Visuals
  •    For your LMS or Website:
    •    HTML + Flash
    •    HTML
    •    Flash Executable.
    •    Executable EXE File, which can be hosted in your custom website
  •  Video Based

Look at the below demo material to know our capabilities:

We create stunning training materials in Power Point Presentations for in – house training needs. Have a look at the below snapshots of some of the slides.

For more details on the above, write to us on or call us on +919483511055 to get more details.