Faculty Development

Faculty Development

“Faculty development focuses on the improvement of the individual instructor’s teaching skills; instructional development on students’ learning by improving the course and curriculum experience; and organizational development on the interrelationship and effectiveness of units within the institution; finally, educational development refers to the overall interaction resulting from the three prior efforts.” (Quoted in A Guide to Faculty Development, 2nd edition).

It makes sense that professors who spend time developing their teaching skills will become more effective instructors — and that that will eventually translate to better student outcomes. Practically speaking, though, the challenges of (and the variables involved in) tracing the effects of professional development on student learning are myriad.

Our faculty development programs span the following areas:

Making of a Good Teacher

Secrets of Effective Classroom Management

Learner Centric Teaching

Designing Learning

Generating Motivation

Faculty – A life long learner

Apart from the above, we conduct special sessions to faculty on different contemporary topics of educational & industrial development.

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