Performance Improvement Strategies

Performance Improvement Strategies

Whenever any performance problem is encountered, many organizations turn towards training. But this is not the solution. It requires a deeper understanding of the following aspects:

Vision & Mission Statements

The Organization’s Vision Mission Statements

Current Processes

The Current Processes followed in the Organization

Current Performance Levels

The Current Performance levels visa vis the targets

Customer Satisfaction Levels Report

The Customer Satisfaction Levels Reports

Other Documents

Any Other Documents giving the details of the prevalent practices in the company

Necessary research from the above study needs to be done to chart out the correct performance improvement strategy.

We help you in charting out the best model, customized for your company. We develop them in such a way that it encompasses all levels of the hierarchy.

Organization Structure

Defining an Efficient Organization Structure.

Roles & Responsibilities

Creating Roles & Responsibilities across all levels of the Organization.

Measure Of Performances (MOPs)

Developing Measure Of Performances (MOPs) by designing Key Result Areas (KRAs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This development  will be in the areas of

Business Results

Business Results.

Organization Effectiveness

Organization Effectiveness (HR Practices, Reward Management Systems & Initiative Management).

Operational Effectiveness

Operational Effectiveness (Financial Performance & Disciplinary Aspects with respect to Finance).

Process Adherence

Process Adherence (Review Mechanisms, Management Information Systems & Reports).

Infrastructure & Facilities

Infrastructure & Facilities in the company.

Training the role holders on their roles & responsibilities, the MOPs, the KRAs & KPIs.

Implementing the measurement systems in the organization by systematically cascading them across all levels of the company.

Continuous Improvement:
Reviewing / Auditing the implementation for collecting feedbacks on improvements required. Incorporating improvement measures, if any.

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