Running Businesses

Running Businesses

The Organizational requirements are analyzed & solutions offered for the cycles of Growth (after the Start – Up), Maturity & Decline.

Growth: Here solutions are provided for the following questions

Business Results

Measurement at regular intervals to review target achievement status?

Operational Effectiveness

Financial Health (& discipline) monitored & corrections done to ensure Sustenance & Growth?

Process Adherence

Business adopting all the process defined & regularly making the course corrections to sustain the Growth – Rate?

Organizational Effectiveness – Human Resources

Company has management skills to deal with a situation of increase in requirements of manpower due to growth? Is continuous training imparted to upgrade manpower skills?

Technology & Infrastructure

Keeping pace with changing requirements?

Business Information Systems

Upgrading of monitoring systems to keep pace with business complexities?

Maturity: Here solutions are provided for the following questions.

  •    Re – appraise the Market Strategy if business is stagnant?
  •    Reinvention and/or diversification required?
  •    New management required?
  •    Revisit the Product Life cycle?
  •    Staff have motivation / job-satisfaction problems?
    •    Necessary management skills available in the company to deal with this situation?
  •    Sale of business to avoid losses?

Decline: Here solutions are provided for the following questions.

  •    Re – appraise the Market Strategy?
  •    Declining Sales?
  •    Declining Profits?
  •    Increased fixed costs?
    •    Required to consider a Sale/Leaseback of the premises in order to raise capital?
  •    Human resources (staffing) Issues?
  •    Consider liquidation/receivership?

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