Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The goal of any organization is to render value to customer, which is directly proportional to the customer needs. This depends on how the business processes are defined & followed.

We help companies to define the Operating Procedures which is targeted at understanding the real customer needs, building competitive differentiation & designing the process to lower costs through enhancement of operational efficiency.

Following  UDI methodology is adopted to develop the SOPs.


Here we analyze the internal & external factors which are detrimental to the process efficiency & asses if there are any opportunities for improvement.


Here, we develop the processes which will be a result of the above analysis.

  •    Key metrics for measuring the performance of the company is developed.


The developed SOP is implemented in phases in the company, through teaching, guiding & handholding at appropriate stages.

The procedures we create for your company will be of two types, one – Administrative & the other – Technical.

  •    The Organization Policy of the particular process
  •    Detailed Process Flowchart
  •    Description of each step highlighting the following:
    •    Explanation of the step
    •    How to do the work
    •    Who will do the work
    •    Output of the particular step &
    •    Metrics of Measurement
  •    Formats required in the process

After finalizing the SOPs, we will position our experts in your company, to support in implementing the plans developed. They will guide, handhold your team in such a way that the implementation exercise will be pain – free.

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