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Avinash Consulting & Turnkey Solutions

This company provides Management Consulting, Training & Development & Turnkey Project Solutions to SMEs. The motto of this company is improvement in their business efficiency & productivity.

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Turnkey Consulting

Using the experience, capabilities & functional expertise, new insights are developed, Turnkey Projects are taken & application is ensured to create tangible results.

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Trainning Solutions

Our trainings are delivered to Corporate sector or Educational Sector or even Individuals. These Programs have been developed after years of research and are being improvised continually. Trainers are highly qualified professionals with great educational background as well as industry exposure.

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Our Business Partnerships

In order to provide a diverse range of services to clients & to enhance their satisfaction levels, we have partnered with two companies, which provide Automated HR systems & Recruitment Solutions.

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Our Team

With the wealth of knowledge & experience the Team Members / Advisors / Consultants in this firm, we cover Engineering, Automobile, Education, Service & Hospitality Industries, mainly SMEs, & with a holistic & analytical approach to challenging issues faced by clients , giving the best of solutions of lasting value.


Welcome to ACTSol and Associates (Avinash Consulting & Turnkey Solutions):

ACTSol (Avinash Consulting & Turnkey Solutions) & Associates started in the year 2012, is an Indian Management Consulting, Training & Development and Turnkey Project Consulting firm, with experts having hands – on experience in manufacturing & service sectors of the industry.

The professionals & partners in the firm have been associated with diverse projects & have proven experience of improving the organizational capabilities, translating into significant increase in revenue & profitability for clients.


A clear approach is followed, based on guiding principles & defined objectives for the project to work alongside the client, handhold them & achieve the desired objectives. To know about our approach, click HERE & to know about our guiding principles, click HERE

Download our Brochure of Firm from HERE. Or have a look at the team member capabilities from HERE.

Clients come from Engineering, Education & Service Industries, Investors and Entrepreneurial Sectors.

We are just not consultants, but professionals, businessman & entrepreneurs with considerable industry experience and practical exposure to solving complex problems faced by clients.

Some of the cases handled, range from the simplest to more complex ones. Click here to know more.

We are in the field of business transformation. Please explore this site to know how we could be of help to you in transforming your business.


There are many consulting firms or independent consultants, who do similar work like us but our key differentiators are:
. A team of experts with experience in handling complex projects.
. Not just advice, we handhold clients systematically to achieve the desired project objectives.

. Start – Up Businesses

. Running Businesses

. Function Based Services

. Business Turnarounds

. Training Solutions (Soft Skills & Technical)

. Benefits of Our Training

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